*blacklists a user*

*shows up on my recommendations*

*shows up on my recommended dash*

*shows up at my birthday party*

where u get dem bubbles with hearts gurl

got ‘em here guuurrlll

This is the very first picture I drew of Lon:

//can i be the third

omg who do you want to marry

Can I be the Priest?

no i will destroy u

within the span of an hour
2 people already wanna marry my ocs what a great world


this didnt turn out like i intended but ya ok


chu-senpai, please accept this quickly done sketch as an offering in exchange for this cutie’s hand in marriage

fishy babs

driftingg replied to your post:3 :D
HEY! That’s Ezreal from League of Legends on number 2! XD

my muma told me to stay away from league


this is my first time doing a big background

4 and 7 please

3 :D


5 , 9 , 16 ~ ! C:

4 9 10

9 was already answered